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Double the fun with our new DS collection!


Minis for only $44.99

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Start Spinning, Stop Texting

Astrobender is a very socially interactive game, which will boost your willingness to interact with everyone in a healthy way.

Its practice can help you exercise your body, improve coordination, free your mind and most important, keeps things fun.

Why Astrobender?

Made to last

Our Benders are all created from multiple layers of high quality materials which create the perfect weight, balance and stretchy feel.

It's Ethical

Our tailor Kadek uses recycled materials for all the inside layers.

Kadek even now continues to make a living from her home, happily creating Benders.

Technology Free

Start Spinning, Stop Texting.

This socially interactive game allows for a real break from those damn phones! 

They tried it and... they loved it!

When I started Astrobending for the first time, I thought I could never get it. It made me frustrated, I then turned that into a positive and decided to make a goal for myself, which was to Bend it on my finger, this gave me a boundary I could overcome. I finally did it and now I'm proud of my achievement.

Ethan Zikhron, Byron Bay

You just have to keep it spinning till you hit the G-spot

Nir, New York

It's perfect for those 5 minute breaks, for a total refresh

Dalton, Las Vegas

Happiness is truely found through spinning 

Kadek, Indonesia