The story of Astrobender

No, this is not a story about a pizza!

The original idea was invented in a kitchen in Barcelona! Starting as a tablecloth, into a square, and eventually made its way into two overlapping squares creating the eight pointed star! 

Pizza mans (Teva Leibo) first encounter with the Benders was unlike every hippie looking for spirituality in India, he found a group of Israelis playing on an open rooftop in the beautiful Himalayas. For the first few days he was overwhelmed by the challenge of this sport.

-“You just have to keep it spinning until you hit the G-spot.”

After this great discovery, Teva decided to bring back home a new friend, a box full of Benders. After coming back home to Australia in the little big hippie touristy town of Byron Bay he quickly sold the first batch. This was just the start of the Benderlution. He then encountered the amazing graphic designer @hikesgd who created the first 10 designs. This is where Astrobender was born.

- “I can enhance your dreams into reality"  

To ensure the greatest handcrafted quality in both materials and tailoring, he started a production line in Indonesia. After one month of searching around Bali for the mystery machine which creates the unique and strong zigzag stitching, he went into a local community and found a talented tailor who works in her home. Her name is Kadek and she now continues to make a living from her home, happily creating Benders. 

"Happiness is truly found through spinning"